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Stained glass nativity Soft TPU Silicone Case for iPhone

Size Guide

í«í_1.í«í_ 100% Brand new and High quality case TPU Gel Material Case .í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_

2.í«í_ Easy to install, No tools required.í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_
3.í«í_ Easy to access to all buttons and features .í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_
4.í«í_ Beautiful color designs to give your phone a unique style .í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_
5.í«í_ Protecting your phone from scratches, dust, shock and fingerprint .í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_
6. í«í_Comfortable, lightweight design .í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_í«í_
7.í«í_ New high-quality Case, keeps your phone safe and protected in style. í«í_ í«í_ í«í_ í«í_ í«í_

Extremely high demand: expect 2-5 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe).í«í_

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